In the October issue of “The Physics Teacher”: “Preparing Your Students for Careers in Science and Engineering: How Is Your State Doing?”

This paper by AIP Statistical Research Manager Susan White and myself makes the case for high school physics and calculus.

An excerpt:

While chemistry is associated with being college ready, it takes physics to make a student STEM ready. A student who completes physics is twice as likely to complete a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field than one who takes only chemistry; taking a second course in either subject increases the likelihood of earning a STEM degree even more. This likely seems self-evident to most high school physics teachers, but it is generally not appreciated among teachers in other fields — even other science fields — and principals. In fact, staff at the American Physical Society hired a marketing firm to address the issue and The Physics Teacher has published an article about how to recruit students into physics classes.

Update (Thursday, 3:00 pm):  A pdf of the article is here:

physics teacher

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