Only 21% of Iowa Republicans believe in global warming, 35% in evolution

NY Times columnist, Princeton economic professor and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman mentioned in this morning’s column a survey by Public Policy Polling that shows that only 21% of Iowa Republicans believe in global warming and only 35% in evolution.

Of course, the Iowa caucuses play an enormously oversized role in the presidential selection process, so these survey results at least make this blogger (who just happens to be a Republican, at least for the moment) wonder how these things happen.  Do these results indicate a shortcoming in science education in Iowa, and in other states where folks have the same opinions?

A well-known observer of science education once told a group (including me) having dinner with him that we can’t educate our way out of these misconceptions because they are driven by beliefs that are so deeply held that secular schools can’t touch them.  I have beliefs like that, too.  But I also believe that St. Thomas Aquinas turns over in his crypt every time a survey result like the one from Iowa is released.

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3 Responses to Only 21% of Iowa Republicans believe in global warming, 35% in evolution

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    It’s not just in Iowa, Republicans seem to like uneducated candidates. I have witten to several newspapers (not published yet) on this issue,
    Here is a paragraph from my letter. ” It would seem that intellect and higher education are negated by Republican voters (and Tea Baggers) who,when choosing a candidate, including one for President,prefer someone as scientifically ill informed as themselves, over some one with the highest credentials for the position.”

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    B T W Paul, glad to see your not one of these wacked out catholics !!!,0,3264179.story

  3. Doc Carr says:

    One is left wondering what fraction of Iowa Republicans get a flu shot every year to protect themselves from newly evolved strains of the flu virus.

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