Paul Ruscher: Florida science education on the wrong track

From Paul Ruscher’s op-ed in the Tallahassee Democrat this morning:

The two sciences that are, arguably, needed most by (at least) graduates who are headed to college are physics and earth sciences. These subjects provide the basics and applications of principles of energy, technology and engineering developments, hazards of weather and climatic change, space-borne applications, utilization and limitations of natural resources, and so many other things that are crucial to the growth of a diversified economy.

Can the time come soon when the state’s premier science departments begin to recruit their majors out-of-state (next door?), where teachers are paid better, students take four years of high-school science, and many more students take bona fide physics and earth science courses? Is that good for Florida?

Obviously, I can take the day off.  Paul R. has it covered.

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2 Responses to Paul Ruscher: Florida science education on the wrong track

  1. Doc Carr says:

    Here is what I thought of this morning when I read that excellent column:

    Yes, it would be good for Florida, that is, good for Florida’s universities, although it might be bad for many of Florida’s citizens. Why? Because we get students who pay out of state tuition !!! that were trained by someone else! Helps balance that university budget. Better yet, they might even stay here … at least until they have kids and find out how bad the schools have become.

  2. Paul Ruscher says:

    Thanks, Paul, and thanks, Doc for the notice and comment; I was happy to give you a day of rest, PaulC; unfortunately you are now making depressing daily graphs for us to look at!

    I’ve created a link to the article (courtesy of the Democrat, which has granted me permission to post this for non-commercial use), in case others would like to read it. Also, I gave a talk in Seattle entitled “On the impending demise of earth science education at the K-12 level: is Florida telegraphing a national trend?” in late January that is finally online at the American Meteorological Society’s web site. The links are found below:

    Click to access Ruscher-TallDem-28Feb2011.pdf

    Keep up the good efforts! PaulR

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