Required response: Who needs all this math?

Jeff Solochek at Gradebook shared this op-ed from the Washington Post (via the Sarasota Herald Tribune) arguing that the importance of math in everyday life has been oversold.

There are plenty of comments on the Gradebook post.  Sherman Dorn has weighed in.

So here’s my contribution to the hubbub – just an earlier post from this blog:

“The New York Times reported on July 1 that manufacturers are having trouble finding assembly line workers – because the new generation of assembly-line jobs requires mathematical skills that most of those out of work do not possess.”

Increasingly, algebra-level skills are necessary to make a living.

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2 Responses to Required response: Who needs all this math?

  1. DSW says:

    Most adults are unable to understand the statistics they need to make rational decisions in modern life–whether to buy a lottery ticket, believe an opinion poll, whether to get a flu shot. For that matter, all elected policy makers should be required to pass a statistics course before taking office.

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