Race to the Top Redux – Governor’s Working Group removes statement on graduate degrees

As Leslie Postal points out in the Orlando Sentinel this morning, the Governor’s Race to the Top Working Group modified the formulation of the merit pay component of the state’s original (and unsuccessful) Race to the Top application to make it palatable to the district teachers’ unions.

The Working Group also removed another component from the original RTTT proposal that sparked controversy as a component of SB 6 and threatened the fiscal stability of the state’s colleges of education.  The Round 1 RTTT Memorandum of Understanding stated:

The LEA will implement a compensation system for teachers that…Ties the most significant gains in salary to effectiveness demonstrated by annual evaluations as described in (D)(2)(ii), rather than to degree level or years of experience.

In the version completed by the Working Group, the phrase “rather than to degree level or years of experience” was deleted.

If the new RTTT MOU becomes the template for next year’s SB 6 sequel, the colleges of education will be saved from a fiscal earthquake.

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