If you want to go to medical school, you should major in physics (or biomedical engineering)

The American Institute of Physics has issued a report showing that the average score of physics majors on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is second only to that of biomedical engineers.

The 2009 MCAT results, ranked by the sum of the scores on the physical sciences, biological sciences and verbal reasoning test sections, shows physics majors (with 11.1 on physical sciences, 10.3 on biological sciences and 9.6 on verbal reasoning for a total of 31.0) behind only biomedical engineering (10.9, 10.7, 9.6 for a total of 31.2).  A perfect score for each section is 15.

Electrical engineering and economics majors did nearly as well as physics majors.

The average scores for biology majors were far behind (8.7, 9.5, 8.7, for a total of 26.9).

Oh – did I mention that…

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